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"Protor" helicopter: building story

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Special aviation VNS-2 steel tube airframe and composite sandwich cabin parts give "Protor" high strengh as well as cabin comfort and low noise

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Both cabin panels and tail boom are made of composite sandwich using glass and carbon fibre with epoxy

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Main rotor blades are composite too using one of modern but modified NACA airfoil. Blades were carefully tested at Kamov Design Bureau test jigs with excellent results

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Rotary VAZ-413 152 hp engine was used for prototype

inside.jpg (198605 bytes)

Here you can see "Protor" cabin. You certainly mention the upper cyclic control stick - this was done to simplify prototype building

inside2.jpg (184432 bytes)

Standard cyclic - dual - is finally installed

main.jpg (279431 bytes) 

He-he...You should turn your monitor upward down to see the proper main rotor head position :)

field.jpg (554757 bytes)

Finally: "Protor" assembled for test runs. Well, we know your next and main question: was it flown? The answer is YES

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This page was published on Sept.19, 2001

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