"Protor" Helicopter Photo Page

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allframe.jpg (75556 bytes) Airframe assembled, no windshields and doors

blades.jpg (65177 bytes) Main rotor blades

boom.jpg (60916 bytes) Tail boom with control links installed

cabin1.jpg (79929 bytes) Door

cabin2.jpg (91877 bytes) Airframe and main rotor shaft with main gear

cabin4.jpg (144071 bytes) "Protor" and its designer

cabin5.jpg (80893 bytes) Cabin core with windshield

cabinfront.jpg (150624 bytes) Cabin core with doors and instrument console

cowlup.jpg (70672 bytes) Engine compartment cowling

engcmprt2.jpg (77492 bytes) Another engine compartment view

engine.jpg (152272 bytes) And one more shot of it

frame.jpg (81346 bytes) Back view for engine and main transmission

inside.jpg (83516 bytes) Cabine inside view - with upper cyclic stick

inside2.jpg (70738 bytes) And with traditional cyclic

trgear.jpg (66674 bytes) Tail rotor gear assembled

field.jpg (75852 bytes) Ready for first run

vertol22.jpg (23456 bytes) First revolutions and...

flight11.jpg (41220 bytes) "To design aircraft is nothing. To build it is something. To fly it is everything" (Otto Lilientahl)

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This page was published on Sept.19, 2001

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