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Welcome to "Protor" Helicopter Home!

We are proud to introduce new 2-seat helicopter - first of a kind designed, built and airborn in Russia.

"Protor" was designed&built in Russia under the best traditions of Russian aviation design which basically means high R&D preparations and solid state parts manufacturing with no weak or doubtful places to find. It is well-known that Russian aviation design school would better made the aircraft twice heavier than even a little doubtful in design strength.

Though no obvious innovations can be found in "Protor" at a glance, this helicopter has many serious preferences which we will talk about some later - after first hundreds of flight experience are accumulated.

"Protor" is designed to be friendly for low-time pilots both in study, flight and maintenance.

This helicopter is built according to widely different Russian climate conditions so it can be operated with comfort in wide range of OAT, humidity and wind.

"Protor" is powered with revolutionary rotary engine designed by VAZ specially for general aviation use. This engine burns autogaz so there is no further problem to find avgaz anywhere.

"Protor" has wide 124 cm cockpit, excellent aerodynamic fuselage and really stable and reliable controls.

Dual controls are standard.

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This page was published on Sept.19, 2001

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